Mary of Nazareth

You were there in silence,
Maybe in prayer;
With thoughts facing the future
And with the spring of life in the heart.
Poor house, rough walls, too narrow to accommodate
the expectations of better.
And Gabriel, the angel of light, said to You:
"Rejoice, your God wrapped you with love
and asks to turn your womb to the sky".


And the shining cloud
Which covered the Holy chapel and  
accompanied Israel now envelops thee:
and unlimited Presence in you rises,
the Highest concentrated and focused
in the virgin womb of thy tender youth:
"And the Word was made flesh."

You, a simple girl from Nazareth,
teach us how to accept God;
tells us what it's like to live in God,
in silence, in spirituality and faith.
And You said with all power of your heart:
"Here I am!"
And you became the "Blessed"
Because You have given yourself
without reserve to the service of love,
Starting on the path of no return.

That little house
Even today tells of a great event.
And Graffiti keep repeating:
"Ave Maria"

And the simple language of your land

is still talking about you, "pretty girl".


Generate in us a passionate search for God,
help us to begin a joyful singing of the old
and ever new story of the Love
that turned into the flesh in You and
which have learned to live in
a poor and fragile abode – Your heart, Holy Mary!

You, who believed,
You, who trusted God
You, who touched the Unseen:
Show us the blessed fruit of your womb, Jesus
Every man and woman who love.


+ Lorenzo Chiarinelli
The Bishop of Viterbo

The translation is by Nikolai Radin (Ukraine)


Preghiera a San Francesco


San Francesco 
Poverello d'Assisi, pensaci tu...

O santo patrono
della nostra amata terra
illumina chi governa,
perché nulla venga
a mancare alla povera gente
e tutta la nazione possa vivere
giorni tranquilli
da ogni punto di vista.