"I will follow you Lord
the way of pain"

Emanuela 31 years old.
Her very short period of life

On May 14 th 1974 a baby giri 50 days old was brought to the baptismal font. I Don Lucio asked to the parents: "What name do you give to your daughter?". “Emanuela” they answered. I explained the meaning of the name "GOD WITH US". We could never think that little Emanuela one day would consecrate her ife to God in the way of pain. Emanuela: at the beginning of my existence it was piaced around my neck a "VIA PASS" to open the entrante gate with the inscription "BAPTIZED” daughter of God. ln my first years of life I was always on my mothers arms and what I did was only sleep and eat.


At the age of six I found a big gate with the inscription "THE WAY OF LIFE". There was a huge parking lot with a great number of motorcycles of various brand unknown to me: they were LOVE - CHARITY - FRATERNITY - SACRIFICE - INFIRMITY- PAIN etc.

I put the VIAPASS and my destiny was the motorcycle with the brand "SUFFERING".

I notice with grate surprise that the motorcycle had two seats with the inscription "Riserved to your Guardian Angel that will travel always with you”.

We started together our journey... there were many exits:

Exit number one: PRIDE
Exit number two: JEALOUSY
Exit number three: LUSTFULNESS

I was tempted to deviate the exit just for curiosity, but the Angel that was traveling with me, 500 meters before before the exit whispered to my ear "Follow always the main street”.

One day I met a very handsome boy, his name was Massimo: I fell in love with him and than I sugested him to continue the journey together with me; actually I told him "I promise to stay always with you in the good and in the bad fortune".

I was graduated and working in a pharmacy in Florence, alter a Ovile I begain my way of pain: LUKIMIA... "Two years of suffering, pain and blindness".

I tried to assure my parents that I was tranquill and serene and felt constantly the protection of the Vergin Mary.

In my suffering I learned to pray the Blessed Mother although my prayer was poor and my faith some times wavering.

I thank God for the gift of knowing Hìm, for his constant support and for being able to pray every day and for the fact that HE is calling me to be a witness of his love to my neighbors in the present time.

I am ready to serve Him although his project on me is unknown to me.

Emanuela Dionisi

When the doctors phoned Massimo to informe him that I had only a few ours of life he quickly game and I was able to embrace and wisper him "I LOVE YOU".

Don Paolo also carne to administer the last Sacrament (Extreme Unction) and he invited my parents to pray together the "OUR FATHER".

My last supreme effort was to raise my arms towards heaven and say together my last prayer.

Suddenly I found myself in a dazzling tight and a golden door was opened . I heard beautiful songs and stupendous symphony. I entered the golden door and soon it was closed.

Good bye Manuela. I will try to follow your way.

Don Lucio Luzzi
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18 JANEIRO DE 2015

A liturgia desse segundo domingo do tempo comum propõe uma reflexão sobre a disponibilidade para acolher os desafios de Deus e para seguir Jesus. A primeira leitura nos apresenta o chamamento de Samuel. O autor dessa reflexão deixa claro que o chamamento é sempre uma iniciativa de Deus o qual vem ao encontro do homem e o chama pelo nome.  Ao homem é pedido que se coloque num atitude de total disponibilidade para escutar a voz e os desafios de Deus.


Jesus Christ's features


From a letter of
Publius Lentulus
to Tiberius (31 d.C.)

Letter  from  Publius Lentulus, governor of Judah, to  the Emperor about  Jesus Christ’s features.  Lentulus was a contemporary with Christ. This document is of great historical value and it is very truthful.



Venite, benedetti del Padre mio, perchè ho avuto fame...


Nostro Signore Gesù Cristo,
Re dell'Universo

Anno A

Venite, benedetti del Padre mio,
perchè ho avuto fame...

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La Chiesa oggi ha cambiato il colore liturgico; è terminato ormai il colore verde che ci ha accompagnato per tutta la serie, la lunga serie delle domeniche estive. In questa domenica il celebrante indossa i paramenti di colore bianco perché è la grande Festa di Cristo Re. Leggendo la Bibbia si rimane sconcertati perché il linguaggio di Dio è completamente differente dal nostro… Per noi il concetto di Re è sinonimo di superiorità, predominio, potenza. Il simbolo della regalità è qualcuno che domina, che comanda, che è superiore agli altri, ai sudditi. Ora sentire parlare Cristo che dice, io sono re, fa una certa impressione e ne fece tanta a suo tempo, che fu motivo di scandalo. E per l’ennesima volta constatiamo che la vita di Cristo, dal punto di vista umano fu un fallimento.





O Madre, rifugio dei sofferenti,
ascolta le preghiere che ti rivolgiamo.
Rasserena e conforta
i malati e gli infermi,
i vecchi e i moribondi.