How to
confess well

Under the title of “How to confess well” the Cardinal Angelo Comastri has placed a path for the examination of conscience, that takes into consideration the life in the modern world. Let’s run to the source of Misericordy! The Holy Father has pointed out three spiritual goals to be reached for an authentic and genuine Christian life. Let’s see them! 1. The sacramental confession, as a sign of conversion; 2. The fidelity to the Sunday, Day of the Lord and of the Man; 3. The solidarity towards our brothers, especially with deeds of charity towards those in need.



Receive me into Your Heart, Jesus! For my redemption, You became Man, You died and You resurrected: Your Misericordy is my hope. Forgive me, My Lord, I have sinned much!



Jesus says in the Gospel:

“Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin.
The truth shall make you free”

"Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart"

-  Am I a Christian in my everyday life or ….just on the paper?

- Is my faith genuine ad industrious o just… an appearance?
- Am I superstitious? Do I believe in magic?

- When do I pray? Only in need - hen “money and health” are going bad – or always?

- Do I curse or swear against God, the Virgin, the Saints and the Holy Things?
- Do I take part with devotion to the festive Mass, to the Sacrament of Eucharist, to the penitence and to the Catechism?

- Do I speak badly of the Catholic religion, of the Church, of the Pope?

- Are the money, the wellbeing, the carrier, the success, the fun, more important to me than God and the eternal salvation?

"That ye love one another; as I have loved you"

- The Gospel teaches us that it is impossible to love God without loving our brothers. Do I believe that?

- As a son/daughter, am I obedient and respectful towards my parents, grandparents, sisters/brothers and relatives?

- As a fiancé/ée, am I seriously preparing to the wedding, praying together with my partner and living the chastity as an education of the heart to the true and faithful love?

- As a parent, do I worry about the human and Christian education of my children? Do I give them a good example? Do I find some time to spend with them and to pray with them?

- As a husband/wife, am I faithful to the marriage and family’s duties? Am I open to dialogue? Am I patient? Am I able to forgive and to feel sorry for the others, or to understand the others’ limits and faults?

- Do I love the others, following the steps of Jesus? Is it likely for me to criticize the others, to calumny, to envy, to be jealous, and to domineer upon the others?

- As an employer/employee, am I rightful, honest, and respectful of the rights?

- Did I respect the others’ life?

- Did I do abortion or suggest it to someone?

- Did I steal?

- Did I cheat?

- Did I damage public or private belongings?

- Do I drive carefully, respected my and others’ life?


- Do I ever wonder, in front of the Lord, what He asks me, and which is my vocation?

- Do I care about my spiritual life with the daily prayer, with the reading of the Gospel and with the hearing of God’s Word?

- Do I take part attentively and with sense of duty to the community life either on the parish or the diocese level?

- How do I use the time and the precious gifts received by God? 

- Do I engage myself and my time for the others or for the weakest people?

- Do I preserve my heart, my thoughts and my body pure?

- Do I maintain pure my thoughts and desires?

- Do I scandalize others with my behaviour?

- Do I read/watch indecent books, TV shows, internet sites?

- Do I exaggerate in eating, drinking or smoking? Do I use drugs? Do I gamble?

- As a citizen and a Christian, do I attend to all my political and social duties? Do I pay taxes? Do I respect the environment? What else does my conscience reprove me?


O MY GOD, I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee, and I detest all my sins because I dread the loss of Heaven and the pains of Hell; but most of all because they offend Thee, my God, Who art all-good and deserving of all my love. I firmly resolve, with the help of Thy grace, to confess my sins, to do penance, and to amend my life. Amen.

If you have recited the Conclusionact of Contriction in your preparation, it is not necessary to repeat it during the confession.

The confession path

The priest welcomes you and gives you a blessing. Then you confess your sins with simplicity, humility, clearness and repentance. The priest will address you some orientating and hopeful words. At the end he will give you the absolution for all your sins and he will give you a "penitence". You may ask the priest  some advices and may be a guide for you in your Christian life. Let’s have just one precaution: maybe, queuing outside the confessional will be other people waiting and eager as you are to have the same amount of time to confess.

Translation by
Dr. Francesca Ceccarini


Santa Zita


Santa Zita
Leiga, padroeira
dos domesticos
(1218 - 1278)

Santa Zita, nasceu em 1218 em Monsagrati, nos arredores da cidade de Lucca, Toscana, Italia, no seio de uma familia muito devota. A sua irmã mais velha entrou no convento de Cister e um seu tio foi eremita e morreu com fama de santidade. Filha de camponeses, aos 12 anos foi trabalhar como empregada doméstica na casa de uma rica familia e aí permaneceu durante 48 anos ou seja até morrer.
Codice shinistaT


It's Christmas


A true joy of the hearth

Five centuries before the coming of Jesus, the king of Babylon (today Baghdad) invaded Israel and deported all its inhabitants to Mesopotamia. Then the prophet Isaiah’s voice raised high; he turned to people and encouraged them: “… After waiting for a long time, the salvation came at last. For us as well, from 20 centuries onwards, Christmas comes every year, as synonymous, often unaware, of joy, peace and family time.
These feelings are showed through lightings, decorations, Christmas tree, presepe, gifts and evenings spent in the family. For the believers, the Christmas joy is the same joy announced by the Angels to the shepherds in the holy night“.




“Aunque la parábola se refiere al reino de Dios, tiene mucho que ver con el de la tierra, ya que en nuestras manos está hacer que el planeta empiece a ser ya la casa de todos, en la que todos tengan sitio y puedan vivir y ser felices, degustando ya el cielo prometido. En nuestras manos está que todos los seres humanos puedan ejercer su derecho a trabajar, a aportar su esfuerzo para incrementar el bienestar de todos y mejorar el mundo, con igualdad de oportunidades para todos.


Dios te Salve, María!


Dios te Salve, María!

Letra de la canción
Dios te salve, María, sagrada María, Señora de nuestro camino,
llena eres de gracia llamada entre todas para ser la madre de Dios.
El Señor es contigo y tú eres la sierva dispuesta a cumplir su misión
y bendita tu eres, dichosa te llaman a ti, escogida de Dios
y bendito es el fruto que crece en tu vientre, el Mesías del pueblo de Dios,
al que tanto esperamos que nazca y que sea nuestro rey.
María he mirado hacia el cielo pensando entre nubes tu rostro encontrar,
y al fin te encontré en un establo entregando la vida a Jesús salvador.
María he querido sentirte entre tantos milagros que cuentan de ti,
al fin te encontré en mi camino, en la misma vereda que yo.
Tenías tu cuerpo cansado, un niño en los brazos durmiendo en tu paz.
María mujer, que regalas la vida sin fin.




(al mattino)
Ti adoro» mio Dio,
e ti amo con tutto il cuore.
Ti ringrazio di avermi creato, fatto cristiano
e conservato in questa notte.
Ti offro le azioni della giornata:
fa che siano tutte secondo la tua volontà
per la maggior tua gloria.
Preservami dal peccato e da ogni male.